Top Ten Best Soundtracks of the Decade

Movie soundtracks are a difficult beast to master. They have to take an already existing song and apply it to a new medium in a new context. This often works with varying results, and many songs are so overused in soundtracks, they've lost all meaning. We'd like to honor a few soundtracks that have chosen songs and reapplied meaning. We're not talking about musicals, we're not talking about scores, we're talking about the ten best soundtracks of the decade.

10. Morvern Callar

Considering the film is based on a woman finding her boyfriend has committed suicide and left behind a mixtape, it's difficult not to include this stellar soundtrack on the list. There is a distinct vision of a dislocated mind at work in the film, and tracks by Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Can, Nancy Sinatra and others accentuate this film in a way that adds depth and introspection. Weirdly, the soundtrack disc doesn't include the complete subversion of the Mama's and Papas' "Dedicated to the One I Love."

9. Lost in Translation

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It's rare that a soundtrack can save a film. That's not to say Lost in Translation is bad, necessarily, but it simply wouldn't be the same without the excellent soundtrack - in fact, it'd likely be far worse off. Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine make appearances, as Kevin Shields adds a few new songs into the mix.

8. High Fidelity

Few movies absolutely have to have an excellent soundtrack just to exist. High Fidelity, however, is one of those movies. It simply wouldn't work without the remarkable score and pretension that comes from working at a record store. We're not going to lie; we've seen scenes like the one above play out in Twist and Shout and Wax Trax before, and it's always a magical experience.

7. Royal Tenenbaums

There haven't been a lot of scenes put to film more eponymous and retroactively disturbing than Wes Anderson's usage of Elliot Smith during a suicide scene in Royal Tenenbaums. Looking back on this, it sends chills down our spines even more than the original viewing. All that said, the soundtrack as a whole is amazing, combing the likes of John Lennon, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan with Mark Mothersbaugh's superb score.

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