Top ten reunions we'd like to see

Top ten reunions we'd like to seeEXPAND
Gail Butensky

In recent history we've been treated to the reunions of Mission of Burma, Gang of Four, Antipop Consortium, among others. This year, Faith No More, Sunny Day Real Estate and Pavement got back together, and, of course, there's the ever pervasive rumors of Soundgarden reconvening at some point. But who's still left? Are there any bands out there with the majority of their members still alive that haven't reunited already? Here's the reunions we'd like to see. Check out our wish list and feel free to weigh in with yours.

10. Talking Heads (1974-1991). If you've seen Stop Making Sense than this is pretty self-explanatory. I want to see David Byrne in whatever incarnation of the 'big-suit' he can come up with. I'm sure it'll have some deeper meaning, some larger social issue will be at hand, but really, just a big suit will be fine.

9. Dismemberment Plan (1993-2003). Dismemberment Plan is one of the few bands on this list we'd rather see reunite and record a record as opposed to reunite and tour. That's not to say Dismemberment Plan shows didn't have their charm, but seeing these guys working on new material would be far more interesting than them touring again.

8. Drive Like Jehu (1990-1995). Drive Like Jehu was one of those bands that seemed to defy all odds to exist at all, let alone to exist long enough to record two records. The band was on a major label because of a package deal with Rocket from the Crypt. Jehu was loud, chaotic, crazy and lasted long enough to go on a couple tours. The likelihood of a reunion is slim, as the band essentially reunited briefly in Hot Snakes, who also disbanded after a couple of years.

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7. Neutral Milk Hotel (1991-1998). There's no doubt In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is one of the most widely acclaimed indie records to date. It's also not a secret that singer and songwriter Jeff Magnum has repeatedly said there will not be new Neutral Milk Hotel material. We're fairly certain when Pavement broke up its members never thought they'd get together again either, but look where they are now.

6. 90 Day Men (1998-2004). For all we know, 90 Day Men are still together, but if that's the case, they aren't very prolific nor vocal about their intentions to record or play. For all intents and purposes, they're broken up, and that's too bad because Panda Park is a fantastic record. If you're interested finding out more about the band, be forewarned, the official band site, appears to have fallen into the hands of a different and rather frightening entity.

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