Top ten reunions we'd rather not see

Top ten reunions we'd rather not see
Better Than Ezra

There have been a lot of bands in the history of the universe and most of them, at one point or another, have broken up. Surprisingly, we've found the majority of them have reformed despite themselves. Another surprise is the amount of bands still playing -- Better Than Ezra, Seven Mary Three, the Troggs, and the Zombies -- despite their lack of a mass audience. Last week, we waxed on our dream reunions. This week, we offer up ten bands we think should just stay dead, for one reason or another.

10. Cop Shoot Cop (1987-1996): If Cop Shoot Cop was going to reunite, it likely would have come hot off the heels of "Migration" being used in a 2005 Nike commercial. You never know with these rock and rollers, though. On a whim with any cause whatsoever, they'll decide to reform. Weirdly, the band dissolved because they started becoming a more stereotypical rock band. This means if they would reunite there would be the difficult decision of whether or not to invite one-time guitarist Steven McMillan on the tour (for those unaware, the band used two bass players, keyboards and drums and prided itself on its lack of guitar).

9. Funkadelic (1970-1981): The reason Funkadelic doesn't exist anymore isn't because the band broke up. George Clinton and many of the others are still working together in a number of facets. The reason they broke up is because Clinton was through with rock music. As much as we'd love to see Funkadelic play again, the R&B and rock mixture is what made it interesting. Seeing it now would likely be a funk and R&B driven reunion that wouldn't do the original lineup justice.

8. Mr. Bungle (1985-2004): Faith No More has reunited, so why not Mr. Bungle? Well, Mike Patton has given an excellent reason on why a Mr. Bungle reunion wouldn't be worth seeing: "It could happen, but I won't be singing." That might sound like a great idea to some, but Mr. Bungle fans likely would be a bit disappointed without the crackling-howling-vibrating tongue of Mike Patton spitting on the microphone.

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7. The Wipers (1977-2001): There are some bands best left untouched by time. The Wipers are one of those bands. They've had plenty of opportunities to reunite with recent reissues, or the call to tour with Nirvana, but the band always denied these chances. It says something for the way they operated and despite being cited as an influence by Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., the Melvins and others, they've always kept away from the spotlight. A reunion would just be ill fitting.

6. Man is the Bastard (1991-1997): It's arguable that experimentation can only really happen once, but we think with a group like Man is the Bastard this is the case. If the members were to reunite under the moniker again it would likely feel forced, almost uneven. They broke up in 1997 and splintered off into their own individual projects because the group effort had reached a bit of a standstill (after all there is only so much one can do with the punk-noise-experimental format).

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