Top ten tweets from Westword Music Showcase, aka #wms11

You can't be everywhere at once, especially during events like Saturday's Westword Music Showcase, with more than a dozen venues across a few blocks in the Golden Triangle. Thankfully, we've got Twitter to read about people complaining and dancing and high-fiving across the festival, which is truly the best use of Twitter at any large-scale event that a cross section of the public attends. Here are some of the more memorable Twitter status updates from Westword Music Showcase 2011. (View a slideshow from Westword Music Showcase.)

You've got to watch out for those large hand-bags when you're dancing:

Moderation is key in all things: sunscreen and blunt-smoking:

You can't beat free, right?

Haters gonna hate, that's what Twitter's for.

Apparently Erik Runstrom is a professional dancer.

This is true, she sprinted off-stage and sprinted back on.

Yo La Tengo wasn't music to Mark's ears.

Brandon brings the P.M.A. to the W.M.S.

We thought the same thing.

And finally:

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