Although In Return is only Torche's second record, you get the sense that this is one of those rare bands that will never leave you with a feeling of apprehension, wondering if the next record will be as good as the last. It's almost a forgone conclusion that it will be, and you'll be rendered giddy with anticipation for the new material. As expected, In Return doesn't disappoint. Rumbling in like a storm, "Warship," the album's opener, sets the tone before exploding into the title track and laying a solid foundation for the remaining five songs. Throughout Return, Torche delivers a veritable wall of sound and tone — not in a Velvet Underground sort of way, but in a manner that recalls Warhorse, Helmet, High on Fire and the Melvins — augmented by sparse, beautiful vocals. Considering that it's been three years since Torche released its debut, In Return is a very welcome effort from one of the underground's most unique and powerful acts.


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