Trashcan Sinatras

When the Trashcan Sinatras released their 1990 debut, their brand-new songs already seemed retro, pining romantically for the best U.K. guitar pop of the early '80s. On 2004's Weightlifting, the Scottish quintet sounds like it's finally caught up to 1994. Once again, the Sinatras -- playing and singing in top form, as if time had stopped -- look backward for their head-wagging hooks and tear-in-my-beer ballads. Stuck in the past? Sure, but through the lens of pop nuggets like "Freetime" and bittersweet ballads like "Got Carried Away" (with guest vocals from Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake), looking back has never looked -- or sounded -- so nice. No surprise that the Brit-pop fanatics at Lipgloss are hosting TCS's Denver appearance, a show sure to wring a sentimental tear from anyone who thought they didn't make music like this anymore.


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