Traversable Wormhole will bend space and time at NORAD

With the alleged end of the world approaching, it seems apropos to throw an End of Time party with a headliner such as Traversable Wormhole. The artist is probably better known as Adam X (the brother of Frankie Bones, one of the instigators of the infamous Sonic Groove Records shop). He was a notorious player in the electronica scene as early as 1991, and was one of the organizers of the legendary Storm Raves (all-techno warehouse parties that featured the likes of Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin and Damon Wild) -— but as Traversable Wormhole, he goes to new depths of darkness in an audacious and industrial-tinged attempt to live up to the moniker. His relentless beats and distorted, sinister bass lines are offset by deceptively simple melodies and catchy, precise taps and clicks, all of which wrap up to be the closest thing to the bending of the time/space continuum that you've ever experienced on the dance floor. Catch him on Saturday, December 1, at NORAD.


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