Anders Trentemøller has been turning the electronic-music world on its head since 1997, when he made his debut with DJ T.O.M. as Trigbag, the first live house act in Denmark. After a self-imposed hiatus of several years, he re-entered the fray and has since released music to wide critical acclaim. Touring in support of his latest release, 2010's Into the Great Wide Yonder, which sports an indie-rock vibe and twangy guitar sounds, Trentemøller may be a house artist, but pinpointing his wide-ranging sound is not easy. The moods of his sets range from fierce and dramatic to hypnotic and refined. The multi-instrumentalist, who displays impressive technical abilities behind the decks and on the keyboard, has had his tracks spun by such venerated DJs as Pete Tong and John Digweed. Although we're not exactly sure what to expect when Trentemøller hits the Ogden this weekend, there's no doubt it will be epic.


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