Trev Rich

The rapper formerly known as Rockie is now going by Trev Rich. And now, fresh off an appearance on Joe Budden's recent, highly praised mixtape, A Loose Quarter, Rich has dropped Heights, his own mixtape. Don't let the somber, introspective serenade to God that opens Heights fool you: This is still the work of the hard-hitting, club-banging, slick-tongued rapper fans have always known. It's a bold and vibrant project, and its overall tone gives you the sense that Trev Rich is indeed getting closer to attaining the heights he's been reaching for. He sounds especially hungry on tracks like "Gold Jesus Pieces," in which he boldly dismisses any potentially unsatisfactory label deal, screaming, "They said I got to sell my soul to get rich/Well, nigga, we ain't broke and we ain't sell shit." He makes an even stronger case for how poised he is on songs like the Adam Duncan-assisted "Young Forever" and "Alarm Clocks," which each ooze with charisma and suggest that Trev Rich is going places with or without a major deal.


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