Trey Anastasio & 70 Volt Parade

With his musical hatchery now washed out, Trey Anastasio is back to swimming solo. Not that that's a bad thing, by any means. Anastasio's past extra-Phishular projects have included stints with Phil Lesh and Friends, as well as an acclaimed outing with power trio Oysterhead, which featured Anastasio alongside Les Claypool of Primus and Stewart Copeland of the Police. But on his own, Anastasio has always been every bit as unpredictable as Phish in terms of keeping the crowds guessing: This year at Bonnaroo, he pulled American Idol rocker Bo Bice up on stage -- and who could forget his colorful acoustic solo performance that christened Denver's Fillmore Auditorium back in May of 1999, when he had to ask the crowd to shut the hell up and listen? Currently on tour with his latest project, 70 Volt Parade, Anastasio and his new mates will surely have everyone hooked from the first chords.


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