Trey Anastasio Band

While some fans of the now-defunct Phish do not bubble as wildly for the latest musical spawn of Trey Anastasio, there appears to be no shortage of appreciative minnows hatching in his ongoing musical pool. Touring in support of his latest effort, Bar 17, Anastasio pulls into the Fox for two sold-out nights of what promise to be electrifying performances by the energetic axman from the Maple State. His current ensemble, the Trey Anastasio Band, includes erstwhile Aquarium Rescue Unit drummer Jeff Sipe, bassist Tony Hall, semi-regular keyboardist Ray Paczkowski and female vocalists Christina Durfee and Jennifer Hartswick. Anastasio's gift for songcraft, manifested in recent efforts with 70 Volt Parade, his noted penchant for seat-of-the-pants improvisation from his frequent work with Phil Lesh, and his innovative prog-rock leanings (anyone remember Oysterhead?) should all come together for a sound that combines equal parts boogie fever and nerd-like fret wizardry.


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