Some folks say the more trichomes (or crystals) there are in your weed, the higher you'll get, since there's a lot of THC in them. Nowhere in the Fort Collins-based Trichome's materials does it say that that's what the band's name alludes to. But considering that Trichome is a reggae band — and a pretty decent one, at that — it's almost a given. After being together for five years, the act just released its debut, Where Creation Now Grows, to a sold-out Aggie Theater in October. Produced with the help of Jesse O'Brien, who's worked with Matisyahu, at Colorado Sound Recording Studios, Creation's sound is as vivid as most of its tracks. If people had to choose between weed with a lot of red hairs or the trichomes, most would go with the trichomes. Either way, you're gonna get super-baked.


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