Meet Troy Pierce, a techno purveyor from...Indiana?

Troy Pierce

Best known for its abundant cornfields and rich basketball tradition, Indiana might not seem the likeliest place for the emergence of a major dance-music talent until you consider  the state's proximity to Chicago and Detroit, the respective birthplaces of house and techno. Troy Pierce grew up in those Indiana cornfields, making frequent trips to the big cities to catch sets by the likes of Derrick Carter, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. He attended art school in New York during the '90s but moved to Berlin in 2003, seeking greater freedom for artistic expression, and he quickly established himself there as one of the major forces in minimal techno. Pierce recently ended his longstanding relationship with Hawtin's preeminent Minus label to concentrate on running his own imprint, Items & Things, with partners and fellow minimal players Magda and Marc Houle.


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