Tsunami Bomb

In an age in which the concept of women fronting punk bands is still (frustratingly) a cute novelty, Tsunami Bomb defiantly transcends gender and style. Blame this on the swift evolution of the Bay Area quartet, over the course of two albums and a smattering of EPs, from a Gwen-Stefani-fronting-the-Misfits outfit to a polished act resembling a raw cousin of the Reputation. Clear-as-a-bell vocalist Agent M deserves much of the credit for this improvement. Unlike stereotypical punkettas such as Brody Dalle, M looks like the sweet-tempered Manic Panic'd girl next door -- except she's the type who secretly dances around her bedroom listening to Bad Religion and dreaming of singing in Pretty Girls Make Graves. Witness such versatility on Tsunami Bomb's latest album, The Definitive Act, where uplifting punk-a-billy anthems ("Being Alright") and ragged punk-pop heartbreak ("My Machete") make thrashing bedfellows.


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