A collaborative project from beatsmiths Snubluck and amor, est, tumtums is self-described as "a psilocybin soliloquy of wonder born in the depths of our dreams." While certainly poetic, the line is also apt. All of the tracks on this seven-song EP have a starry-eyed quality to them; it's the perfect soundtrack for spacing out and staring at the wall. Avoiding the traps of repetition, the album's quirky, un-quantized percussion entertains the ear while cerebral synth work and clever effects supply a nitrous tank's worth of pulsating textures and jilted melodies. The results blend jazz, electronica, eight-bit nostalgia and a sense of humor (check out the intro sample on "moon bootz," for example). Not easily fitting into any of the myriad subgenres of electronic music today, smutmut might be best defined by its creators' fearless approach to experimentation. The record is definitely the high-water mark for each musician after a busy year for their individual musical efforts.


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