Turbo Knife Fight

When the Emmas played their final show in June 2006, this town lost one of its longest-running, most entrepreneurial and prolific punk acts. Almost immediately, though, singer-guitarist Lisa Cook and bassist E-N Pumpernickel filled the void by forming Turbo Knife Fight. Building upon the Emmas' raw, simple, elemental punk, Turbo Knife Fight maintains that same sort of energy but also experiments with sounds and rhythms that go beyond a straightahead rock approach. Labeling the band as post-punk would be remiss, however, since it does toy with slower tempos, disco beats and guitar lines that flirt with contemplative atmospherics. Nonetheless, Cook still snarls and yelps like Ari Upp, and the act continues to project a defiant attitude, sweetened by a healthy dose of wiseacre humor. Playing the inaugural show at the future site of the new 15th Street Tavern this Saturday, December 8, Turbo Knife Fight will bring its primal yet sophisticated, dancey swagger to 1028 Park Avenue to help usher in a new era of punk rock in Denver.


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