Twitterpated: the scene shares its mind 140 characters at a time

The Twittervese has become one of the most entertaining and insightful places to catch a glimpse inside the lives of some of the most outspoken members of our local music community -- 140 characters at a time, of course. We never ceased to be entertained by the tweets of various members of the scene and suspect that you will be equally as, um, twitterpated. With that in mind, welcome to Twitterpated, our latest weekly feature in which we collect the most captivating tweets from some of our favorite follows.

I have a splendid repertoire of more than 500 words in my vocab. Why am I trapped on using only 140? Damn Twitter!!! Hahahahaha!!

Nat Motte (3OH!3):

DJ Low Key:
I miss Outkast...They make hip hop better.

The Rouge:
Ft Collins, in studio!! New rouge tunes commence! Waking up at seven in the morning, NEVER COMMENCING AGAIN.

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