Undersea Explosion

Upon moving to Denver from Detroit in the '90s, Jim Paul joined the Christines. And when that atmospheric power-pop band moved to San Francisco — where, in true Denver fashion, it broke up shortly thereafter — Paul found himself drawn to New York City. He headed to Brooklyn, a place known for cultivating experimental music of all kinds, and formed Undersea Explosion, an outfit with gritty yet darkly ethereal songs that conjure a sense of déjà vu and exhilaration. A nightmarish halo hangs over the act's sound, which is driven by trebly bass lines that recall the nimble playing of Peter Hook and reverb-drenched guitars that channel the Wipers. Ultimately, Undersea Explosion, which is touring in support of its latest effort, This Is Undersea Explosion, comes off like a garage-punk band that's discovered how to let its music breathe.


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