Update: Single File previews new song and recordings

Update: Single File previews new song and recordings

Original post (11/17/08): Single File is reportedly finishing work on a brand new album titled Common Struggles. Although there's been no word when the act will issue its first full-length album, the first release from the band since 2007's No More Sadface EP, the outfit, which just wrapped a series of dates with A Cursive Memory and A Rocket to the Moon, has posted a brand new song from the new record on its MySpace page. Upon first listen, the tune, "Mannequin Loveseat," doesn't boast the mammoth pop hooks of "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" or "Velcro," but it definitely makes for a fitting companion to those tracks, the former of which, along with "Melody of You," has been re-recorded for inclusion on Struggles.

Common Struggles
Track list

01. Mannequin Loveseat
02. Don't Hate
03. Girlfriends
04. Airports
05. Pizzagirl
06. Miss Cherry Lipgloss
07. Melody of You
08. Blue Sky Happiness
09. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
10. Dear Meghan
11. Benson Shady Grove

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