U.S. Bombs

This past March, a car crash prematurely ended a Die Hunns tour. After the accident, the band's leader, Duane Peters, a 45-year-old professional skater, and his wife, Corey Parks, formerly of Nashville Pussy, reportedly decided to take the rest of the year off. Idle hands must have inspired the pair to get back to business — but instead of resuming where Die Hunns left off, as would be expected, Peters reconvened with U.S. Bombs, and Parks briefly joined forces with tour opener Charley Horse. For his part, Peters — covered in bad tats, front teeth knocked out from a curby, and with a sandblasted voice like a jailbird Tom Waits — is punk rawk manifest. U.S. Bombs serve proudly as the American ally to paramilitary organizations the U.K. Subs, the Sex Pistols and the Clash, for whom Parks and Peters named their son. It's been four years since the Bombs last landed in Colorado. Should be explosive.


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