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Satire Records' Jack Redell is taking a cue from Prince, who was among the first artists to thank concert attendees by including a free CD with every ticket sold. Redell, though, is one-upping His Purpleness. Those who go to A Moveable Feast, a celebration of area tunesmiths taking place at the Walnut Room September 20 to 22, will receive a 34-song double-CD set featuring acts on the bill. And the recordings are well worth the price of admission.

The sampler hangs together well, with the majority of singer-songwriters on disc one delivering serious, emotional works at meditative tempos. Highlights include Ian Cooke's "Vasoon," (die) Pilot's "Porcelain" and "The Empress of Wyoming," a twangy, flavorful track courtesy of the Hollyfelds. The second CD is just as strong, with the material ranging from Westword contributor Marty Jones's yeasty "One More Beer" to "The Desert," a devastating effort pairing Rachael Pollard with Shana Vorhoure.

Bring your appetite.


Various Artists


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