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Gear Fab Records' Roger Maglio, who recently relocated to Littleton from Orlando, Florida, specializes in reissuing obscurities from the '60s and '70s — and the majority of tunes on Psychedelic States, a two-CD set that's part of a U.S.-spanning series, more than qualify. Even local-music experts are unlikely to know more than a handful of the acts featured in this unexpectedly enjoyable package.

The big (or at least bigger) names here include the Boenzee Cryque and the Poor, both of which contributed members to Poco, and electronic-music pioneers Lothar & the Hand People. But just as entertaining as their efforts are "Psychedelic, That's Where It's At" and "I Don't Know," a pair of wonderfully dated offerings by the Monocles and the Soothsayers, both of which hailed from that hotbed of acid rock, Greeley. Songs by Penetration and the Fogcutters also generate a nice buzz, as does the Elopers' irresistibly titled "Music to Smoke Bananas By."

Feel free to inhale.


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