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Take a walk on the dark, grimy side of Colorado's electronic underground with DCR All-Stars Volume 1, a six-track introduction to Dirty Circuit Records. The strongest cut is the last, Rumblejunkie's "Bumps in the Night," a tight, accomplished mix of snappy breakbeats, sharp-edged synths and growling sub-bass, all topped off by a horror-movie sample in fine throwback style. The tracks leading up to that one, however, are forgettable but listenable variations on the dubstep, with only two other tracks that rise above the fray. The ragga-spiked opener of BMC's "SoundBwoy Killing" is a good track that takes several listens to really click, while the almost-there "Huey Lewis," by TRiLLBASS, works a similar vein as "Bumps" but is weighed down by some repetitive drum loops.


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