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The Ebbets Field series from Listen Up is a thrilling documentation of Denver's musical past. Ebbets Field, of course, was the storied downtown venue owned by promoter Chuck Morris in the mid-'70s. Located at the base of Brooks Tower, the club attracted a slew of legendary acts, from Muddy Waters to Tom Waits. The thing that makes this particular compilation most worth seeking out is the local-centric nature of the project, which is bolstered by Bob Ferbrache's photos and liner notes penned by G. Brown. As for the recordings themselves: While the fidelity is exceptional (thanks to the digital transfer performed by David Glasser of Airshow and remastering by Ferbrache) and there are some fine performances from the likes of Gene Clark, Howlin' Wolf and El Chicano, among others, if you've ever heard a live record, you know what to expect here. Ultimately, it's the local nuances that are the real draw, such as when Doc and Merle Watson ad lib about Ebbets Field and Morris during "Wabash Cannonball."


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