Various Artists

Each member of electronic-music collective/label Dirty//Clean contributes a tune to its newest sampler comp, Visions, showcasing the individuality of each as well as the sonic tendencies that bind the crew together. A celebration of bass-music iconoclasm ensues. Amor, Est.'s "Amnesia Wreck" is intense, morphing from total cacophony into a listener-friendly groove of broken jazz-fusion musings that will definitely appeal to fans of Flying Lotus's last record, while Bedrockk's "Echoes" continues a recent trend with his original productions, blurring indie-rock ideas into a dubstep framework — or vice versa — in really appealing ways. Hollagramz' "New King Chains" is another interesting tune, offering more jangling polyrhythms and less shimmering dance-floor synth than a lot of his previous work. With a bit of friendly competition to outshine each other, the crew has stayed busy and shows steady improvement. The biggest problem with the record might be that it's only six songs long.


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