Video: American Idol takes over Invesco

One of the best parts about living in America is freedom. The freedom to sing, dance, play in the streets, wear duct-tape skirts, paint your face for televised events and, most importantly, worship false idols. That's right,

American Idol

has invaded Denver yet again in search of that one voice, that one personality, and that one person who has the gift of singing like an angel.

Is the next American Idol in this crowd
Is the next American Idol in this crowd
Photo by Britt Chester

We roamed the sidewalks, which was full of auditioning Idol hopefuls, at 4 a.m. this morning in search of that next idol with the hope that we could capture a star before he or she rises to fame. Granted, we didn't survey every single person standing in line because we respect pre-audition rituals, but the overall verdict of what songs will be sung does not stray too far from the Billboard Top 40.

Photos: American Idol auditions slideshow

With a majority of females leaning towards past winner Carrie Underwood, in addition to Alicia Keys and Adele, there will certainly be no shortage of teary-eyed mothers and broken hearts, and this is just the first round.


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