Visit Conceptual Hell and Other Goodies

Here's a selection of the best of last week's music blogging from around the Village Voice chain:

The clubs editor for one of our papers runs into an occupational hazard and thereafter has trouble exercising her critical faculty enough to muster a proper review of a DJ competition.

Watch your favorite junkie stars chase the dragon in the heroin Shooting Gallery or visit the pretentious wonderland of Conceptual Hell in a brilliant list of speculative attractions for a rock and roll theme park.

One musician creates an ad hoc focus group via text message to answer the question “Give me one good reason I shouldn’t write a song about a car…”

One of Time’s Top 100 Most Influential people -– live and in concert! Youssou Ndour show review.

The Cold War Kids live inspire a lot of people to feel romantic, prompting the reviewer to speculate that the band is the cutting edge of make-out music for the new millennium.

What better way to observe the anniversary of JFK’s assassination than by writing about an Italian ambient music artist who happens to be a Lee Harvey Oswald lookalike. Oh, and this artist composes music to accompany footage of the assassination.

Bad, bad mohawks. B, C and Z-List celebrities interacting awkwardly. A scripted rush of preteen girls during a performance. Hannah Montana and Carrie Underwood and a text-message award. Reading this liveblog of the American Music Awards, it is perfectly obvious that it is the most surreal pop culture orgy imaginable.

More from Everett True: Some thoroughly entertaining recollections regarding the riot grrl revolutionary band Huggy Bear.

A stinging review of Fiction Plane, the band featuring Sting’s son.

A reclamation of Steely Dan from the haters. Haters, be warned: You can not fuck with the Dan. -- Cory Casciato


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