The ill wind wafting down from Greeley generally serves as a reminder of what it smells like around here when the Stock Show is in full swing. Occasionally, though, the unexpected gusts from the north blow in some great musicians, such as Twice Wilted, Reverend Deadeye and Ian Cooke. The latest of these hinterland heroes is Vitamins, who resemble a Burroughsian splicing of various eras of indie rock: a little bit of Rilo Kiley here, a touch of Camper Van Beethoven there, with a patina of Sonic Youth stitched in for good measure, resulting in catchy songs infused with adventurous textures. Live, the outfit incorporates elements of theater and dance in a way that enhances the music rather than detracting from it -- even when its members don large, sea-creature masks to perform "Fish Stick," a gesture that comes off as more charming than gimmicky. Pop some Vitamins this Saturday, March 10, at Emerald City (212 Sante Fe Drive). It'll do you good.


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