Vitamins' latest release, Motions, starts off in a buoyantly psychedelic mode with the song "No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What" and its all but motorik beat and urgent melody. What separates this album from the rest of the band's fine output, though, are the transitional pieces between songs that tie the record together, so that it feels like one continuous composition with individual movements. The bubbling, bright drones that bridge "Wee Mouse Vimanas" and "Baby Cakes," for instance, are especially effective, as they appear in a different form in the song that follows. It's a true testament to both the strength of the songwriting and the engineering. Add to that the inclusion of abstract atmospheric exercises such as the haunted alien soundscaping found in "Liquid Crystals Shape-shifter," and this is Vitamins' most challenging, fascinating and coherent album to date.


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