Vixens Ball at Oriental Theater

It's too bad the term "women in music" came to be synonymous with relatively safe mainstream artists of the '90s. Or, more to the point, that it's even necessary to point out the presence of women in music. Fortunately, the Vixens Ball (Friday, July 9, and Saturday, July 10, at the Oriental Theater) is a two-day showcase that will bring together some of the most indisputably able women rockers in Colorado. Whether fronting the bands or putting in duty as a prominent musician, women like guitarist/singer Sarah Fischer of Bluebelle would be standouts regardless of gender. Same with Sonya Decman, bassist and vocalist for Smoothbore, Kitty Vincent of Le Divorce and Shanda Kolberg of the Swanks, to name a very few. If you always thought Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde were rock-and-roll badasses, the women featured at this event will not disappoint.


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