WAHHH (We Are Hip-Hop Humans!!)

The Ill, The Wicked + The Wack, the new mixtape from musical oddballs WAHHH (We Are Hip-Hop Humans!!), is occasionally ill, rarely wicked and frequently wack. This crew seems to have attended the BasedGod school of rapping, throwing out haphazardly assembled cliches, half-rhymes and non-rhymes. The majority of the verses here sound like decent, impromptu freestyles, but there is very little tact. WAHHH's success is mostly due to its production, which draws from some pretty interesting places — films like Office Space and Pulp Fiction, and hip-hop classics such as Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" and James Brown's "Funky Drummer." The composition often feels rushed — as do the lyrics — but it nonetheless exudes originality, and some of the songs are downright catchy thanks to simple but melodic hooks. Ironically, this rap crew's weakest point is its rapping, which makes you wonder if WAHHH wouldn't be better off as a cross-genre group that occasionally raps.


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