Walker Barnard, February 17 at Old Curtis Street

Walker Barnard's funk credentials extend back to his childhood, when his father (who made music videos for Motown artists) took him to the set of Rick James's "Super Freak" video. He's only gotten deeper into the genre through the years, playing bass in L.A.-based funk band Mobius Trip in the early '90s, a gig that introduced him to Santa Fe and the house and techno scene. During the decade's middle years, Barnard did time as a producer and engineer at a hip-hop studio in Manhattan, where he worked with such artists as Saul Williams, Mos Def and Cannibal Ox, among many others. He also began working with house godfather Mike "Tweakin" Rogers. Now based out of Berlin, Barnard performs funky house sets that can be heard across Europe and along the West Coast, from Seattle's Decibel Festival to Burning Man, in the Nevada desert. Catch a very special set featuring Barnard, John Tempelton, Roger That and John Tyler on February 17 at Old Curtis Street.


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