Walls of Genius

Active since 1982 in the underground home tapers scene, Little Fyodor has helped create and circulate countless cassettes of varying oddness over the years -- mostly at a time when publications like Factsheet 5 gave a rat's ass about willfully unmarketable forms of musical expression. Packed to the gills with lo-fi spaz-rock, avant-pop, sonic parlor tricks, limericks and loads of mutilated cover tunes (Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" and Percy Faith's "Theme From a Summer Place" require dental records for accurate identification), the ninety-minute-long collection doesn't skimp on satire or crassness. Claiming Fyo', Evan Cantor, Ed Fowler and Brad Cartlin, this genius collective gleefully abandons all illusions of self-respect, charging headlong into the darkest recesses of their Dokoder 4-track armed with humor, mischief and Kmart guitars.


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