Watch: The Fray's video for "Love Don't Die"

Watch: The Fray's video for "Love Don't Die"

The Fray's new video for "Love Don't Die," the first single from the band's forthcoming fourth album, Helios (due out on February 25), just dropped. It's mildly entertaining as far as videos go, which is to say it has something of a narrative, which a great many these days don't. So kudos for that, boys. But you're going to have suspend disbelief a little for this mini movie (I mean, the Fray as tough guys? C'mon, son!).

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All the same, the clip, which like previous treatments such as the City of Angels-inspired "You Found Me," gives aesthetic, cinematic nods to Road House and the Blues Brothers, ends in a way that's admirably self-deprecating and, well, totally palatable. Also, don't miss a cameo from Joe King's real life love, Candice Accola, from Vampire Diaries. Have a look, and then catch the guys next Thursday, December 12, at Summit Music Hall for Alice In Winterland.

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