Watsky is a San Franciscan poet/rapper, now based in Los Angeles, who first gained recognition as a slam poet. As a performer, he's about as diverse as they come: serious, silly, cocky and heartfelt — sometimes all at once. His cross-genre appeal is demonstrated by his impressively varied resumé: winner of the Brave New Voices National Poetry Slam in 2006, a poet at Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry in 2007, and a performer at the Just for Laughs comedy festival. Amazingly, considering his lack of any sort of street cred and his uncanny resemblance to the goofy Michael Cera, but in true testament to his rare talent, he is well respected by rap authorities, having even earned features in XXL. The best thing about Watsky is his honesty; "Seizure Boy," in which he discusses having a seizure in gym class, is a standout in that regard, and the rapper is so confident that he's able to joke about it and put his audience at ease. He's not afraid to be human and vulnerable, which is the mark of a true artist.


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