We Are! We Are!

We Are! We Are! is a slippery beast. Slithering free of instrumental-rock pitfalls and cliches, the trio handily weaves together tropes from surf rock, math rock, hardcore and even funk, creating thoroughly unique, dizzyingly deft compositions. North Carolina transplants Jim Sutton, Sam Gault and Sam Cat have quickly developed a well-deserved reputation for house-razing live shows, bizarre feats of manual dexterity and rhythms that are tighter than last year's pants. With boundless energy and an infectious sense of just plain fun, these randy roughnecks seem to have simultaneously tapped into the warped minds of Mike Patton and George Clinton while spilling Coke and battery acid on their old Primus and Drive Like Jehu records. We Are! We Are! is sure to do some delightful damage to the hi-dive next Saturday, April 12, when the outfit shares the stage with fellow ADD-ers Red Orange Yellow. Don't miss the melee.


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