Weedeater: It's hard to imagine a more appropriate handle for this North Carolina-based power trio, whose bass-heavy metal is marked by droning repetitive riffs and augmented by indecipherable monster-sized vocals. On its most recent effort, the Steve Albini-produced God Luck and Good Speed, the act burns through eight tracks of sub-baritone, bottomed-out guitar rock that is truly evil-sounding. Mastered by John Golden, who's worked with both Neurosis and the Melvins in the past, the disc features Dave "Dixie" Collins — formerly of sludge lords Buzzov-en — on vocals and bass and is available on Southern Lord, the home to like-minded acts such as Goatsnake, Grief and Earth. Weedeater is over ten years old, having formed in the mid-1990s, but with the same vulgar attitude of a prepubescent boy, the band is best summed up in simple terms: Dude, it's fucking Weedeater.


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