Weird Turn Prose

On stage, Weird Turn Prose resembles the average post-slacker-phase indie-rock band. The players look relatively clean-cut, despite their informal style. They also seem to have taken the time to actually learn how to play their instruments — so well, in fact, that there isn't a poorly executed moment. While it's tempting to hang the alt-country tag on the group (led by Westword intern Gene Davis), particularly since it cites Uncle Tupelo and Old 97s as influences, Weird Turn Prose's crackling energy is more rock-and-roll with a slight country slant than pure country. Many of the band's songs recall the passion of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, the angular fire of early Television and the air of innocence found in Jonathan Richman's work. While country rock is indeed a well-worn groove, Weird Turn Prose (due at 3 Kings Tavern this Friday, October 19) is writing the next chapter with captivating aplomb.


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