Wentworth Kersey

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens and Joseph Kersey Sampson return with a second EP of eccentric, atmospheric cowboy pop in which Sampson's plaintive vocals and obliquely melancholic lyrics nestle languidly into Stevens's delicately wrought illusions. With only a couple exceeding three minutes, many songs fleet by, like half-remembered dreams. "Adore," for instance, seems to have just begun its thought process — through a delicate interplay between Sampson's guitar and an Alamo trumpet — when the track comes to an unexpected end. "Wealth," meanwhile, begins as another bummed-out rumination before evolving quickly into an uplifting '60s pop sway-along. The pithy tunes are so dense that none of them feels incomplete. Instead, their brevity simply underscores the ephemeral nature of even the most profound ideas.


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