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West Water Outlaws rock out at the Larimer Lounge

When you think about musical projects forming in Boulder these days, rock and roll isn't exactly what comes to mind, despite Rose Hill Drive's hailing from that town. But West Water Outlaws (due on Wednesday, November 28, at the Larimer Lounge) can safely be filed in that category. The act came together when Blake Rooker went to the wrong room for a class and ran into his old friend Will S. Buck. The two quickly assembled a lineup that was rounded out by bassist Vincent Ellwood and drummer Andrew "Monkey" Oakley. The guys were a welcome novelty at the parties they played early on, but soon enough, they were packing places like the Fox and the Boulder Theater. Even though their music is rooted in blues-rock boogie, Buck's imaginative guitar leads and all-around solid songwriting ensure that these Outlaws aren't pirating someone else's style.


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