Single File frontman Sloan Anderson
Single File frontman Sloan Anderson
Aaron Thackeray

Westword Music Showcase 2010: Single File - Backbeat presents an exclusive download

Reprise might have given up on these guys, but judging from the massive crowd assembled for its mid-afternoon set, the local fans haven't given up on, nor forgotten about, Single File. Leave it to a major label to drop the ball, eh? And as you'll hear after the jump upon downloading the second of our exclusive post in The Denver Boot, Sloan Anderson and company sound as good as ever. Happy downloading!

Single File Westword Music Showcase • 06.19.10 Main Stage

01. intro 02. Dear Meghan 03. Blue Sky Happiness 04. Girlfriends 05. Airports 06. Velcro 07. My Best Defense 08. Look At Me, I'm Crying 09. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Download: Zipfile of MP3s


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