Westword Music Showcase reviewed: Sutra

Westword Music Showcase reviewed: Sutra
Brian Landis Folkins

The Photo Atlas had to start a few minutes late since Mark Hawkins forgot his bass, which was pretty damn funny. He came scrambling in, took out the bass, plugged it and the guys kicked into an energetic set of danceable post-punk tunes fueled by Nick Miles' Gang of Four-inspired hi-hat beats. They kept a bunch of girls in the front dancing a singing a long with cuts from their latest EP, To Silently Provoke the Ghost, and their full-length debut No, Not Me, Never.

Verdict: The Photo Atlas fully took control of the packed room.

Young Coyotes, 6 p.m.
Young Coyotes is mainly the guitar-drum duo Adam Halferty and Zach Tipton, but the guys bring occasionally bring in other musicians into the fold for live shows. While the acoustic guitar and drums is filled out with some great harmonies from the two singers, I thought the low end was lacking in the previous times I'd seen them. For this gig, they recruited a drummer who sometimes plays with Chain Gang of 1974 and a guy who played Glockenspiel and keyboards, which provided the low end this time around. It was an inspired set for the most part that included "Buried" from the band's latest EP Exhale as well as some newer material. Halferty also said it was the band's last show until September.

Verdict: Having the keys play the low end definitely rounded things out.

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