What's in a name? Potential litigation if you're not careful.

What's in a name? Potential litigation if you're not careful.

Next to writing the music, picking a name is probably the most critical and challenging aspects of starting a band. Sometime an intriguing name will attract listeners on its own, sight unseen (see: I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness). Pick the wrong one and you risk being chagrined every time somebody mentions it or you see it on a flier. Pick one impetuously without doing the proper trademark search and you risk losing momentum when you're forced to change your name midstream and find yourself faced with the prospect of having rebuilding your brand. Again. Such is the lot of the Flashbulb Fires, the outfit formerly known as the Atlantic, who was formerly known as Fiancé. Fortunately, as you'll see from their account after the jump, the guys have a sense of humor about the whole thing and seem to be just rolling with the punches.

Once upon a time there was a band called Fiancé who thought it best to change the name of their band to The Atlantic. However, Fiancé (then renamed The Atlantic) was a group of lazy bums and did not put Trademarking the new band name at the top of their priority list. Two months went by and the band known as The Atlantic played some shows and even rigged up a neat light bright with their band name written on it that they displayed proudly wherever they went.

Then one bright summer day bad news was delivered to the band known as The Atlantic. The brand new name they had just chosen was trademarked by a sinister band (also named The Atlantic) across the country. A challenge was made to meet in Atlantic City and have a battle royal for the rights to the name, but in the end the long arm of the law was enough to force the good Atlantic to change the name of their band yet again.

So between grueling training session for the battle royal, the band worked long and hard to come up with a name that would crush The Atlantic. Though the battle never happened, the band still managed to crush the sinister Atlantic with the new name choice. Enter the new era: Flashbulb Fires. This time the name is for keeps.

We plan on releasing two songs from our upcoming full length record for FREE in the next couple weeks. Details will be forthcoming...thanks for sticking with us during this bizarre chapter of our band.

The gentlemen of Flashbulb Fires


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