Wheelchair Sports Camp

Wheelchair Sports Camp has begun to fully realize its sound as a band on this EP. Whereas Mixed Tapes felt more like a solo album from MC Kalyn Heffernan, here things are more collaborative, fully incorporating Heffernan's wit and flow, Isaac McGaha Miller's eclectic drumming and his sister Abi McGaha Miller's bop sax and soulful vocals. Abi's vocals on the dark groove of "Are You Hung Up" and the '70s-soul-inflected "Where We All Live" add a new dimension. The Occupy activist in Heffernan reaches a poignant eloquence on "Justicen't Right," in which the high-pitched MC states that you "go to jail longer for rock cocaine than powder" and that, for the government, "crime pays the bills," leading to a situation in which "a quarter of the entire world's incarcerated." Without a single throwaway, Wheelchair has delivered its strongest, most articulate release yet.


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