When jocks try to rock: The ten worst examples of athletes making music

When jocks try to rock: The ten worst examples of athletes making music

Shaun White has a band. The group's called Bad Things, and it just signed a record deal with Warner Bros. White plays guitar in the outfit, and surprisingly Bad Things is, well, not bad. But White's clearly the anomaly here, as almost every other jock who has tried to rock has failed. Miserably. Here's a rundown of the worst outings.

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10. John McEnroe Are you effing kidding? Sure, we loved his racquet-throwing ways, and we couldn't get enough of his crazy, profane-filled outbursts. So maybe if he just screamed profanity into the microphone we would've been more excited when in 1995, McEnroe and his band "The Package" (We can't make this shit up) started playing gigs.

9. Carl Lewis Not only did he make a video that literally leaves you wondering "What the...what!?," but it also makes us sad that some assbag in 1987 told this track and field legend "Yeah, you're money, man!" And he didn't give up after all the ridicule; he again felt the need to slaughter the National Anthem in 1993.

8. Deion Sanders "Prime Time" released Prime Time in 1994, and it seems that Deion's music was more about highlighting how awesome he thought he was rather than focusing on any type of musical abilities. We appreciated his douchebagery on Sundays, but please, please stop releasing albums. The sale of one album just isn't worth it, man.

7. Shaquille O'Neal There are a plethora of bad rappers in this world, but Shaq has got to be in the top three. In 1993 he released his first album, Shaq Diesel, and with the exception of maybe Shaq's mom, the rest of the world hated it. It also didn't help that he's ginormous and insisted on releasing absurd and ridiculous music videos. When you proclaim how "outstanding" you are...in a video...you're an ass.

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