Which hip-hop crew is the dopest?

Which hip-hop crew is the dopest?
Britt Chester

Whether it's been b-boys clashing, graf artists battling or MCs matching wits, hip-hop has always been competitive. These days, the MC has taken preeminence, and the crews are more commercial. Often, they manifest as labels, but sometimes they exist less formally as collectives, such as Wu-Tang or Odd Future. But if all these groups of artists were locked in a cage and forced to have it out Battle Royale style, who would be left standing?

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12. Taylor Gang Taylor Gang really doesn't stand much of a chance. Wiz Khalifa will probably smoke too much and forget to come, and Juicy J will be off making it rain on strippers. This leaves Ty Dolla $ign, Lola Monroe and Chevy Woods to hold down the fort. Who? Exactly.

11. Pro-Era In three years, maybe Pro-Era will able to match up with some of these other groups, but without Capital Steez, who was a powerful lyricist and personality, Joey Bada$$ is the only one of the crew with any sort of clout off the strength of a few really good mixtapes. There is other talent in the crew, to be sure, as evidenced by the monumental and consistent posse cut "Suspect," but they're not quite ready for the big time.

10. Brick Squad Brick Squad will scare the daylights out of most other rappers, but ultimately, the Squad doesn't have the depth to match the firepower of most of the other crews. Plus, chemistry issues between the label's two strongest rappers, Gucci and Waka Flocka Flame, will limit their potential. Sure, Chief Keef will get in a couple good shots (read again: a couple), and if the fight were all held in the trap, it might be a different story, but Brick Squad would go down relatively quickly.

9. A$AP Mob With a whole mob of underlings, and a strong right-hand man in Ferg, A$AP Rocky would be able to pull most of the strings without lifting a finger. Then, for the real tough customers, he could sip some syrup and be ready for battle like Popeye after spinach. Rocky could go toe-to-toe with most anybody, but could get caught over his head with some of the more conceptual rappers, where he can't match up. He's a heavy hitter, no doubt, but he can't carry this team alone.

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