Tom Murphy

Whitecatpink has nine lives of inspiration

David Jacoby has been performing as Whitecatpink since August 2007. Based in Fort Collins, he makes the occasional foray to Denver to inject a little theater and weirdness into the scene. Part performance art, part electro-lounge pop, Whitecatpink — due this Saturday, December 8, at 7th Circle (2935 West Seventh Avenue) — clearly isn't like most acts from around here. Jacoby typically dresses up in full cat costume and plays drums, sings and triggers beats while female companions dance along, usually in burlesque fashion. But don't be thrown off by the cat suit: Jacoby's songs, rooted in the same sort of moody pop that influenced acts like Air and Stereolab, speak for themselves. If Serge Gainsbourg had fully integrated synth pop into his music of the late '70s and early '80s, it might have sounded like this.


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