The weed-laced sagacity of Whygee's delivery and Gypdahip's crisp, deep-crate samples are a natural pairing. Don't wander into their joint release, called Please Forgive Us, looking for Top 40. As WhyGyp, the duo juggles a sound that's both progressive and classic: golden-era schooling by A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul with the format-deconstruction, long loops and sound collage of the post-Madvillain underground. These eighteen tracks clock in at a hair more than 37 minutes, and there's no filler. Beyond the individual songs, the album works as a whole; it deserves a listen from beginning to end in a single sitting, then another. It takes that long to really start unraveling the density of Whygee's lines and the carefully assembled build of the Gyp's production, from the mellow open of "Buck Swope" to neck workouts like "You Don't Got the Answer" and "Henny Hendrix." Yeah, it's early, but you can probably add this to the list of the year's best local hip-hop records.


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