Widespread Panic

A live, acoustic-leaning doughnut from the same series of shows that birthed the recently released Night of Joy, Über Cobra reminds us why the Panic came on the radar in the first place. The first two tracks, a bubbling take on Neil Young's "Walk On" and the band's own "Wonderin'," serve up the kind of infectious rootsy grooves that make for involuntary head-bobbing and Pavlovian torso-swaying. Other gems here include a thoughtful pass through David Byrne's "City of Dreams," a lush pedal-steel-inflected reading of Vic Chestnut's "Expiration Day" and a crowd-pleasing version of the Blind Faith classic "Can't Find My Way Home." New ax-handler George McConnell shines throughout, while old hand John Bell flexes his vocals to winning results.


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