Win stuff in our random midweek contest!

Win stuff in our random midweek contest!

Welcome to the debut of our random midweek contest in which we give you

a bunch of you a bunch of random things from our office for answering a

bunch of random questions every week. Kind of random, eh? Anyhow, for

the inaugural edition of our humpday hoedown, we thought we'd take it

kind of easy on you. So here's the challenge: the photo above is the

background image of of someone we just started following this morning

on Twitter. If you can figure out who it is, drop us a private message on Twitter @westword_music (feel free to follow us while you're there) or hit us up on e-mail

and later this afternoon, we'll hook up some random winners with a

prize pack of random goodies. Hint: the artist in question has

generated a huge local buzz recently and is responsible for one of our

favorite records of the moment. Oh, and the most prominent thing in the

photo should give you another big clue in case you need one. Good luck.

Off you go.

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